It would be impossible for a poet of such renown as Maxine Kumin to die without receiving an outpouring of kind words and remembrances by her colleagues and friends. Scroll down to see what people like Phillip Schulz and Mike Pride have to say. Also a collection of Obituaries from such publications as The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Boston Globe are included on this page.

Gone Today
              —for Maxine

You no longer move through these seven rooms
or walk across the pastures of your farm.
You have followed your several horses
from their dark and empty stalls
as if you were waiting to be led
who once led them, a bridle in your hand,
and later stood long over the humps of their graves.

And now here you are inside a textbook,
two famous bolts of your lightning
flashing over the field of the page
and the margins crammed with student notes
giving a name to every trope and theme
noticed in how you told a moment’s truth
before you went back outside to swim or ride.

              —Billy Collins