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Maxine Kumin has been the subject of dozens of articles by fellow poets, students, critics, literary scholars, etc. and many have made their way onto the worldwide web. In 1997, Emily Grosholz collected essays by Maxine’s fellow poets of topics dealing with form and content, in Telling the Barn Swallow, University Press of New England, 1997. Additionally her most recent published books have received positive reviews. Scroll down to see what others are saying about Maxine and her works.


The Jewish Women’s Archives, by Alicia Ostriker

Christian Science Monitor, by Elizabeth Lund, April 15, 2008.

Christian Science Monitor interview by Steven Ratiner, May 13, 1992.

The Concord Monitor June 5, 2005, article by Mike Pride “She’s at Home in the Hills.”

The Atlantic “Maxine Kumin’s Complicated Relationship With the Classroom”, Ashley Fetters, Feb. 7, 2014

The Hudson Review, article by Eleanor Wilner “Maxine Kumin 1925–2014: The Long Approach: A Life in Poetry.”

Metamorphosis: From Light Verse to the Poetry of Witness, by Maxine Kumin – a biographical essay her life as poet and author.

Books of Critical Essays


Telling the Barn Swallow, University Press of New England, 1997

Emily Grosholz, Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University, brings together a collection of critical essays by Maxine Kumin’s fellow poets (Robin Becker, Michael Burns, Annie Finch, Wesley McNair, Carole Simmons Oles, Alicia Ostriker, Eleanor Wilner, to name a few).

Topics include Kumin’s diction and prosody, her literary forebears, and characteristic thematic patterns, and more. Also included are poems, some first published here, to or about Maxine Kumin.

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And Short the Season

The Pawnbroker’s Daughter

Where I Live: New and Selected Poems 1990-2010